The Association Member Application

The Association is the representative body for all “AMP QFE” Adviser Businesses and Advisers and works with suppliers, including AMP, and other entities on your behalf.  The Association also offers various member services to other Adviser and Adviser groups.

One function of The Association is to facilitate and provide a comprehensive range of benefits to members, including group medical, life and other insurance benefits.  Not all benefits are available to all Categories of member – generally this is at the discretion of the Association Trustees, who manage most Plans or the supplier concerned.

The purpose of this form is to gather sufficient details from Advisers who are new to The Association in order to;

  • Set up the Adviser on The Association database and website
  • Enable PI (Professional Indemnity) cover
  • Begin the Insurance and other Member Benefits process.
Personal Details
* either A) date joined AMP, or B) if non-AMP, date form sent to The Association*
*AKA Payee No.*
*AKA Owner No.*
*Required to satisfy Association Constitution*
Contact Details
Mailing Address – Business
Physical Address – Business
Category of Member
Matrix of Benefits
Professional Indemnity (PI) CoverGroup Insurances incl. Life, TPD, Living Assurance, Best DoctorsSouthern Cross Medical InsuranceAccess to Association CommunicationsAccess to Association Website
AMP Adviser (AMP QFE) existing
AMP Adviser (AMP QFE) new
Adviser non-QFE
Adviser Business Practice Manager
Advicefirst Adviser
Roost Adviser
Spicers Adviser
Member Undertaking
  1. I will be required to pay the cost of Adviser Association Subscriptions (currently $40.42 inclusive of GST) and agree to the required premium being deducted from my semi-monthly commission.  The premium will be reviewed each AGM and the semi-monthly deduction may be varied in line with CPI following this review.  I may also be required to pay a special levy from time-to-time at the discretion of the Association for special projects, e.g. Conference.  I further understand and consent to the changed deduction from my commission as and when this occurs.   
  2. I agree to protect my user-id and password at all times and to keep all The Association (formerly AABA) website material confidential at all times unless authorised otherwise in writing by The Association.
  3. I understand that neither The Association, nor any of its employees, contractors or agents, are qualified to give legal, financial or taxation advice and are not Financial Advisers.  Independent professional advice should be obtained where the reader requires it.  Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in the production of material stored on the Association website, neither The Association, nor any of its employees, contractors or agents accept any responsibility or liability, for any element of its content or the content of any attachment, nor for the consequences of any made decision based on the contents of the website or its attachments.
  4. I agree to adopt the various Protocols that are administered and overseen by the Association for the good of all members, including the policy transfer protocol (available on the Association Website)
  5. I, the undersigned, agree to this document showing our Mandate awarded to the NZ AMP Advisers & Adviser Businesses Association Inc.  This Mandate confirms that;
    • Until further notice the NZ AMP Advisers & Adviser Businesses Association Inc. (“The Association”) is appointed as Nominated Representative (as referred to in the 2006 AMP Agency Agreement) or other equivalent role to represent our Adviser Business (the “AB”) in consultations and/or negotiations with AMP and/or other companies in matters regarding our status as an AMP Adviser Business.
    • This includes the AMP Agency Agreement, Customer Protocols, AMP Adviser Protocols, AMP Breach Management Policies, Professional Standards Manual, other MAP Policies including the Marketing Campaigns and all issues and changes related to the AB’s status as an AMP Adviser Business.
    • The AB understands that The Association is not a party to the AB Agency Agreement with AMP.  As such each AB may individually agree to certain material changes.
    • The Association has the AB’s approval to request and review any and all AMP or other supplier produced reports, models, data , analysis and information for the purposes of review, negotiation and, where appropriate, analysis and review by external experts appointed by The Association.  Such information should not be shown to other parties without expresss approval.
    • The AB gives The Association approval to take any action on behalf of AB’s individually or collectively as it sees fit to protect and promote the AB’s rights as an AMP Adviser Business.
    • The AB acknowledges and accepts the role of The Association Protocols Committee and understand that from time to time the Committee may rule on matters in the spirit of promoting professional behaviour and may instruct AMP in resolving issues relating to the Policy Transfer Protocols.
    • This may be presented to senior AMP Management on our behalf and forming part of a collective involving other Adviser Businesses to enforce the Customer Protocols and other AMP Adviser Business terms and conditions.
Business Approval (required for new Staff and non-AB Principal Applications)

I support this application.  This person is employed by, or contracted, to by my Business.  I am aware that there will be monthly deductions for this person from my AMP commission payment.  I agree to advise The Association should this person’s details (sections 1.1 – 1.3 above) change or if they leave my Business.

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